Transvall Flats Trail System

Getting There

The Trail Head for all Transvall Flats trails is on the Spicer Ranch. Travel North from the town of Beatty approximately 7 miles to mile marker 66.5 at Boiling Pot road. Turn right and follow the signs to the public parking area.

Restrooms and trail maps provided.

Riding There

Named for a historic mining district in the area, this trail system lies east of the Spicer Ranch and is accessed from the STORM Trail or south of the Trail Head. There are 8 separate routes in the Transvall Flats Trail System created from existing burro trails and two-track roads.

Those burro’s sure do make some kick-ass trails!

1. Canteen Trail – 4.32 Miles. This is a fast paced single track burro trail.

2. Stirrup Trail – 2.40 Miles. A fun extension off the Spicer Ranch trail back to the trail head or to connect to Canteen.

3. Junction Trail – 2.75 Miles. This is a fast paced single track burro trail that links between the Canteen, Stirrup, and Plutonium Ridge Trails.

4. Plutonium Ridge Loop – 10.42 Miles. This is a rolling fast paced single track burro trail. You can also use the cut-off for a shorter ride.

5. Lariat Loop – 3.90 Miles. A fun single track extension off the canteen trail to create a longer loop ride.

6. Windmill Road – 10.35. This is a nice long gravel grinder ride to the edge of Area 51.

7. Beatty Wash -2.3. This section of trail allows you to explore an interesting section of the Beatty Wash and is a nice way to create a loop between the Plutonium Ridge Loop and Canteen. If you venture past the defined section the wash includes deep sand and gravel and may be ridable on a  Fat Bike.

8. Brad’s Screamer – 1 miles. This rippin fun downhill links the Plutonium Ridge to Beatty Wash for a return ride on Canteen.


Download GPX and KML files for the Transvall Flats System Here Windmill Road