The Oasis Valley is positioned with the right combination of assets to position itself as the scotty's castlenext big trail destination in the West.  It is within 2 hours of a Las Vegas, major metropolitan area of nearly 2 million residences, and within 8 hours of the greater LA area of 10 million. Studies show that recreational trail users will travel up to 4 hours for a weekend visit and 8 to 10 hours for a major competitive event.  Beatty also has ample open space on nearby public lands. The town is surrounded by interesting terrain, with unique features and good soils to capture the interest of any trail user. The close proximity to Death Valley National Park is also a huge asset. With, approximately 1 million visitors a year, Oasis Valley needs only to tap into those visitors . These assets have been proven to be key building blocks in a trails destination, as can be seen in Moab , UT, St George UT, and Fruita CO, all who saw economic impacts in the millions within 10 years after initial investment in trails.


STORM – OV is bringing together business partners, concerned citizens and public officials to develop a comprehensive Trails and Tourism Master Plan for Oasis Valley.  The master plan will identify routes and corridors where new non-motorized multi-use trails can be constructed that provide a unique recreational experience, as well as potential venues for competitive and commercial endeavors. In additional, the Master Plan will identify locations for hubs near the community to assure that trail users are engaged and connected to the town’s commercial center.

A long term Strategy was set for in the Oasis Valley Conceptual Plan produce in March 2014. The master plan phase will build on the conceptual plan and will allow for Beatty to see a significant economic turn within 10 years. Experience has proven that a minimum of 100 miles and preferably upwards of 300 miles of recreation trail is optimal for creating a Trails Destination for mountain bikers, trail runners, rock climbers and hikers.  The goal of the Master Plan is to identify up to 300 miles of trails and usable routes to submit to the BLM to be included in the RMP currently being developed. This will set the frame work for phased construction of facilities and events over the next 5 years.


The new business generated by a sustained income from tourism will diversify our economic base and provide new opportunities of recreational based commercial businesses to thrive. Ancillary businesses, such as banks, grocery stores and new lodging facilities will likely follow.



March 2014 Develop Conceptual Plan


November 2014: Launch Oasis Valley Recreational Enhancement Project

December 2014: Public Scoping Meeting 1-Feasibility

January 2015: Public Scoping Meeting 2- Route Review

February 2015 : Break Ground on First Trail on Spicer Ranch

May 2015 Grand Opening of Spicer Ranch Trails and Transvaals System – Phase I

May 2015 Draft Planning maps available for public comment

June 2015 Draft Master Plan Document available for public comment and adoption

August 2015 Phase II Trails Approved by BLM

October 2015 Break Ground on Phase II Trails

Spring 2016 Complete Phase II

Spring 2017 Complete Phase III

Spring 2018 Complete Phase IV

Spring 2019 Complete Phase V





IMBA: Oasis Valley Conceptual Trails Plan v2- IMBA March 2014