Scoping Meeting December 16, 2014

The public scoping meeting consisted of 2 parts, a field study and an evening workshop. Here is the agenda for the Field Study from 11 am – 3 pm 121614 Storm OV Scoping field agenda During the workshop participants drew on both paper maps and electronic maps to identify key points for interest where trails should lead.

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Where is Oasis Valley

Beatty is located about 90 miles North of Las Vegas on Hwy 95. Beatty sits at an elevation of 3320 feet, giving it a mild climate, ideal for year-round recreation. Surrounding the town are hills and mesa’s providing plenty of topography for exploring. The area is known for its proximity to Area 51, The Shady Lady Brothel, and Death Valley […]

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The History of Oasis Valley

Before the explosion of the last great gold strike that created the Bullfrog Mining District. Before the legendary 49’er expedition across Death Valley searching for the elusive treasures of Gold and Borax. During the time that Southern Nevada was still Arizona Territory, this area was worked by the Mexican miners. Originally looking for Silver, they happened upon several veins of […]

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