Trails -OV is a subsidiary of STORM-OV (Saving Toads thru Off-road racing, Ranching and Mining in Oasis Valley), a long standing conservation minded group interested in balancing recreation and conservation.

STORM-OV has now launched the Oasis Valley Recreation Enhancement Project, a plan to create a massive trails project focused on enjoyment recreation and events for mountain biking, trail running, equestrian use and rock climbing in the Oasis Valley area of Southern Nevada

About Oasis Valley

The History of Oasis Valley

Before the explosion of the last great gold strike that created the Bullfrog Mining District. Before the legendary 49’er expedition across Death Valley searching for […]

Official Master Plan Submitted to BLM

Trails-OV is excited to announce the completion of the Beatty Trails Master Plan. The plan is a comprehensive document outlining exiting routes plus new trails to be formalized over the next 3 years for use by recreational riders – as well as Outfitters, Guides,  and competitive race promoters. The plan was formally submitted to the BLM on July 27, 2016 […]

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The Third Annual Beatty Beer and Taco Mountain Bike Festival is returning to the Spicer Ranch May 5-7th 2017. This event will be hosted in conjunction with the Tinker Classic Mountain Bike Race. Join for a great weekend of riding and meeting fun people. For more information go to the Events page. Pre-registration is encouraged so we know how many […]

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Stake Holder Meeting December 14, 2015

Trails-OV held a stakeholder meeting at the Las Vegas Field Office BLM with the purpose of bringing interest groups together to discuss the benefits of developing a trail system in Beatty NV, and any hurdles to completing the necessary documents. There was great support for the project and a general consensus that this was the type of economic development Beatty […]

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BLM Approves Trail Signage Plan

In January the BLM approved a Right-of-Way for the signage of the Transvaal trail, making it easier for visitors to navigate the many miles of trails now available in Beatty. Trail-OV also signed an MOU for the maintenance of the signs to assure they stay up and visitors can always find their way.   Read the MOU Signed BLM MOU-safety […]

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