The Wildlife of Oasis Valley


Whether you traveling to Oasis Valley as a destination, or just passing through on your way to Death Valley, the wildlife is very abundant in the area. Local Conservation efforts have ensured continued healthy habitats for all species.

Some of the local wildlife include: Coyotes, Cougars and Bob Cats, Kit Foxes, Burros and Wild Horses, Deer and Antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Badgers and Desert Skunks.

Amphibians & Reptiles:

There are many types of Local Amphibians, including the famous “Amargosa Toad”.  Reptiles in the area include species ranging from snakes, desert tortoises, and numerous different kinds of lizards.

Whether you interested in Scorpions or Spiders we have many to see here in the valley.  During the months of September thru November you can enjoy the yearly Tarantula’s migration.

We also have numerous types of Butterflies, Dragonfly, and Damsel flies who are colorful regulars in the valley during Spring, Summer and Fall.

Bird Watchers Paradise:

A true oasis and birdwatcher’s paradise, the trees, wetlands and open spaces in Beatty Nevada and Oasis Valley, have been named by the National Audubon Society as an IBA (Important Bird Area).

As a year-round habitat for resident birds, as well as a destination for nesting seasonal birds, Oasis Valley regularly supports 21 species that have been identified as NV Partners in Flight Conservation priorities.

Waterfowl, raptors, land birds, shorebirds, etc..soaring Eagles, graceful Hawks, stoic and beautiful Great Horned Owls, diving and waddling ducks along with many other migratory birds call this place Home.  Recent surveys have recorded over 100 species of neo-tropical migrants that make use of the area during spring or fall migration.  The area also hosts a significant number of single species concentrations, with more the 25,000 individuals from four groups of the wood warbler family passing through in spring.